The fully developed Center for the Environment will be an amazing platform for collaborative grant-writing.

At this early stage, voluntary participation and seed funding (aka time and money) are crucial contributions.  For the inaugural Handprint Symposium, all of our speakers and discussion leaders volunteered their time, and many alumnae came from out of state to attend.  The symposium was free of charge, thanks to generous contributions from many supporters.

To help fund Project Handprint, please visit and be sure to designate your gift to the Center for the Environment fund (not listed – choose “other” then enter this fund name).  Or send a check made out to Wellesley College, with “Center for the Environment fund” specified.  Thank you!!


Contributing participants
(from students who made the Street Food to alumnae and faculty speakers)

Alden Griffith, faculty
Alice Palmer ’17
Alice Sun ’15
Arantxa Gallegos ’14
Betsy Knapp ’64
Bindu Nicholson ’16
Carleen Madigan ’98
Carly Gayle ’13
Carolyn Chelius ’16
Cathy Summa ’83, staff
Charlotte Yu ’17
Chloe Williamson ’16
Dan Brabander, faculty
Dorrie Pizzella ’80
Elizabeth Silvers ’14
Eva Sommaripa ’63
Fiona Boyd ’16
Gabi Guzman ’15
Gail Kahn, staff
Hoi-Fei Mok ’10
Jay Turner, faculty
Jenn Yang ’12
Jess Hunter, staff
Kalayani Bhatt ’14
Katie Goodall, faculty
Katja J Bego ’14
Kelly Zimmerhanzel ’17
Kily Wong ’16
Kim Asenbeck ’17
Kristina Jones, faculty/staff
Liz Raymond ’44
Lizet Pantaleon ‘ 15
Louisa Kasdon ’72
Mackenzie Klema ’14
Megan Lambert ’14
Meredith Accum ’16
Mia Howard ’12, staff
Ningyi Xi ’17
Noelle Fogg ’09
Pamela Coravos ’81
Phoebe Poole ’08
Rachel Greenberger ’00
Rachel Swengel ’14
Raji Nagalla ’14
Rebecca Bernstein ’14
Rebecca Leung ’13
Rebecca Matteson ’16
Rebecca Owens ’03
Rosalie Sharp ’16
Sarah Russell ’17
Sophia Garcia ’15
Sophia Liu ’14
Sue Bridge ’60
Vida Chavez-Garcia ’05
Virginia White ’17
Zehra Naviwala ’15

Contributing funders
Founding Supporters*

Amalie Kass ‘49
Betsy Knapp ‘64
Bill Haney
Carole Ely ‘79
Kristina Jones, faculty/staff
Lawrence Jones
Sherley Smith ’58
Willard Hunnewell

*for information on becoming a Founding Supporter, please contact Kristina Jones at

Adelle Buck ‘49
Alice Cestari, Friend
Ann Walter ‘59
Barbara DeGregorio, Friend
Barbara Monsler ‘65
Carol Johnston ‘55
Caroline DeWilde ‘61
Dina Gallo ‘76
Ellen Gill Miller ‘73
Frances Stallings ‘65
Jaime Reid, Friend
Jane Hartwell ‘50
Janet McDonough, faculty
Joyce Westner, Friend
Judith Baker, Friend
Martha Corneel, Friend
Mary Gregory, Friend
Nancy Gilbert ‘69
Patricia Buchanan ‘57
Patricia Mansfield ‘51
Sally Ishizaka ‘76
Sarah Medearis ‘83
Susan Glover ‘01
Virginia Lawrence ‘64

*Friend = Friend of the Wellesley College Botanic Gardens

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