Babson Food Day is 3 weeks away!

Food entrepreneurs of all kinds:  Babson Food Day is just three weeks away.  October 23, we’ll celebrate food as everybody’s business.

We say that if you eat food, you are an eater-entrepreneur.  Come learn, share and act your way further into your food journey.  Babson Food Day offers a “menu” of options with something for everyone:   food stories from across the system;  start-ups and fresh ideas from students;  corporate pathways into food;  and culinary and restaurant innovation.

Babson Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods) and Gail Simmons (Top Chef, Food & Wine Magazine) are with us all day.

Babson Food Day is free and open to the public.   Our menu is HERE…   See you there!

Rachel Greenberger

Director, Food Sol at Babson College
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Let’s Talk About Food Festival, September 27th, Copley Square

This year’s Let’s Talk About Food Festival will be happening September 27th in Copley Square. The event is similar to last year’s (demos, speakers, samples, interactive discussions) but there is another, new event called “Vote with Your Fork” happening the night before at Trinity Church. It’s the kick-off for Food Policy Action in Boston – an organization that generates score cards for politicians based on their stance on food issues. It will be a rally type setting (specifically geared for students) with several influential speakers taking the stage.
More information on the events can be found here:

LTAF founder Louisa Kasdon is a wonderful Wellesley alum involved in Project Handprint, and Wellesley ES Professor Beth DeSombre will be participating in the event as a seafood expert at the “Endless Table: a facilitated public conversation about food, co-produced by the Museum of Science.”

Wendy Paulson ’69 Profiled in the Curie Review

The Curie Review recently published a fabulous profile of Handprinter and conservationist Wendy Paulson ’69, where she discusses conservation education and restoration programs she started in Chicago, Boston, and New York.

Wendy also gave an inspiring speech (with Rare colleague and CEO Brett Jenks) at Wellesley’s 2013 Albright institute, “Ecological Hot Spots: Forging Bright Spots for Nature.”